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Customized Products at JJC Associates: Custom Pulleys, Custom Timing Belts, Custom Gears

Custom Precision Instrumentation Products

Look for a belt, gear, or pulleys readily available in the market and you’ll find yourself in stuck in a large inventory without really having to find the exact material that will fit in your industry perfectly.

Belting products, pulleys, and gears are essential materials to fuel up and make your industry work. There will be times where the standard for such materials won’t fit or even meet your requirement. Luckily, JJC & Associates not only gives you a huge inventory but also offers customized equipment to match what you’re looking for.

Why should I consider customized products over those which are readily made?

While standard products can already give you a wide range of option and sometimes come cheaper, not all specifications will be meet by these products. There are industries such as robotics, test drive components, medical equipment, and many more require precise measurements.

  • Unmet specifications. There are specifications which the standard couldn’t provide since these kinds are meant to fit what is needed by the majority. Never worry about adjusting to what is common because everything will be tailored based on your needs. JJC & Associates will create exactly what you need at a competitive rate.
  • Some industries are demanding– and demanding equates to a precision which means you will be needing the exact measurement, size, and material for a specific machine. This requires you to exert effort to manufacture the precise instrument for your industry.
  • Uplifts brand name. The identity of your brand can be attributed by this customized parts as well as the products that it can make. It distinguishes your industry’s products and the process involved.
  • Why bother scrolling through the thousands of standard products available or rummage through the stores in your town just to be disappointed in the end? With a customized product, you don’t just get the exact product that you need- you also earn a partner which can support your service and know exactly the necessary requirements.

To help you decide whether a customized product is what you need, we’ve wrapped up some of the specific products, which we do also offer in our store, we offer customization.

Custom Timing Belts

Custom Timing Belts

Timing belts must precisely fit in your industries requirements so as not to compromise other processes. It handles indexing, motion control, synchronized conveying, and product positioning- all of which are crucial for your equipment.

Although standard timing belts are available in the market, and we do offer these timing belts as well, customized timing belts come in handy to suit the requirements for your industry. Specifications with the materials to be used, its type, length, and others will be properly addressed should you opt for a custom product.

Our customized timing belt service is backed by our over 40 years of experience in the field and top-notch materials. Specifically, we’ll be providing assistance with the following:

  • Tooth Removal. Timing teeth are common in timing belts- you can choose to remove this or configure to your preferences.
  • Grinding. Tailoring the top, bottom, and side surfaces of your belt to maximize the tolerances.
  • This is to augment flexibility even though a thick covering is used.
  • Profiling. From rectangular or square to a V-shape or radius precision contour, we offer a wide range of selection for timing belts and custom to match your needs.

What industries have already benefited from custom timing belts?

Our custom timing belts, as well as other belting products, serve a plethora of industries. Some of the industries it was typically utilized were:

  • Hygiene Products
  • Feminine Products
  • Woodwork
  • Textile
  • Paper products
  • Medical equipment
  • Confectionary needs

On top of that, JJC & Associates have worked with several industries, some of which are listed below, which have benefited from the difference of working with us and using our products.

  • Surveillance and security-related equipment
  • Semiconductor test handlers and thermal sub-systems
  • System-level testing of integrated circuits

Custom Pulleys

Custom Pulleys

Some equipment will only function with the help of a pulley, but not every pulley matches the need of everyone like a shoe of one size- it doesn’t fit everyone. If the specification for the pulley you need isn’t listed in our catalog, we offer custom pulley be it an aluminum, steel, plastic, or any other type that you fancy.

With the latest technology, we manufacture the specific type of pulleys for different industries and offer other services alongside. Specifically:

  • Depending on your need, we custom pulleys in different diameters.
  • Design guide. At JJC & Associates, we are partners. From the planning and design phase, we assist our clients and offer them the most convenient, cost-effective, and quality design.
  • Up-to-date inspection equipment. To ensure the quality of our custom pulleys, it undergoes inspection for standards using our latest equipment.

What industries have already benefited from custom pulleys?

Similar to timing belts and gears which we also customize, pulleys importance isn’t limited to its size. In fact, its use is quite larger than what it seems. Below are some industries which we catered before for their pulley needs.

  • Industrial robotics
  • Home 3D printing
  • Other industrial sectors

Custom Gears

Custom Gears

Do you think custom gears are what you need right now for your industry? In different types of machinery, gears are vital to controlling the rotation process. But if you’re dealing with an industry requiring a demanding brief, precision is a characteristic of gears you shouldn’t take your eyes off.

Industries such as the pharmaceutical/medical and robotics have high requirements for gears, thus its need for high precision. We provide gears from miniature bevel, spur up to the larger bevel, spur.

In a closer look, here are the types of gears we offer:

  • Anti-backlash Gears
  • Cluster Gears
  • Helical Gears
  • Hourglass set Gears
  • Internal Gears
  • Pump Gears
  • Precision ground Gears
  • Spline Gears
  • Spur Gears

What industries have already benefited from custom gears?

Gears are important with regards to motion control. Hence, several industries entrusted the rotation of their machines with our gears since we also made custom parts.

  • Test drive machines
  • Robotics
  • Office equipment

Although the benefits of customized parts for your machine or industry is undeniable, consultation before pushing for one is still helpful so as to avoid any mistakes which can cause inconvenience and even setbacks to your industry.

Our custom gears, custom pulleys, and custom belts are all offered at a competitive price. Shoot us a message to get instant quoting with regards to your inquiry!


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