Everything You Need To Know About MXL Timing Belt

The Gates MXL timing belts are designed to be synchronous with its matching belt pulley often used in computer printers with hard drives. Some are used in heavy-duty machinery such as oil pumps. These are the classical trapezoidal tooth profile that ensures a no-slip no-creep operation.

These Miniature Extra Light (MXL) are often used for motion control devices and equipment that run on these timing belts. They’re often not set too tight in a low belt tension system. They come in different lengths and width or pitch. This pitch pertains to the distance from the middle of a tooth on the belt to the center of the next tooth.

The timing belt pitch is used as an identifier of the belt.

Both the pitch and the profile of the timing belt makes for the belt’s tooth geometry.

These Gates MXL timing belts are precise, clean and chemical resistant, able to resist grime, grease, oil, moisture and other contaminants because of its neoprene composition. Its nylon teeth make it durable in its operation against wear with longer service life.

They are used in a variety of technologies in security and surveillance equipment, test handlers for semiconductors and thermal sub-systems that are needed in burn-in and testing of integrated circuits on the systems level.

These components that precisely match their corresponding pulleys using our 3D printer for that customized specification allow for adaptability.

With the order of these timing belts, they are delivered in rolls according to what’s required.

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