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For all types of timing belts, including those on equipment and technologies found in semiconductor test handlers and for equipment requiring belts with a custom timing belt pitch, JJC & Associations offers a solution.

Our goal is to provide all of our customers with the precise belt component and matching gears for small to large systems and belt-driven products. We can even provide prototype belts for new technologies such as 3D printer timing belt designs that are customized to the specifications of our customers.


JJC & Associates carries a large inventory of single and double-sided timing belts in standard inch and metric pitches. Belt sleeves stock in neopreme fiberglass reinforced or kevlar and urethane polyester or kevlar are avaialable so we can cut to any width you need in inch or metric measurement.

We supply hobbyists, students, distributors and a wide variety of OEMs with high-quality timing belts and pulleys at affordable prices.

What is the timing belt pitch, and why does it matter?

The timing belt pitch refers to the distance between the center of one tooth on the belt to the center of the next tooth. This is used as an identifier for the belt, but it is not the only factor to consider in choosing a replacement or a new belt.

In addition to the pitch, the profile is also required. This is the shape of the tooth of the belt, and it is required to match the gear for the correct functioning of timing belts.

Together, the pitch and the profile are known as the timing belt tooth geometry, and it is central in determining the working characteristics of the belt.

What are XL timing belts?

For motion control devices and belt-driven equipment, a specific type of belt, such as the XL timing belts, is universally sized to allow for easy belt integration with all types of equipment and technology using that belt.

All XL timing belts have a trapezoidal shape to the tooth profile, which is ideal for preventing slippage and creep when the belt is in use. They are often used with a low belt tension system and the mesh with standard XL gears and system components. The XL belts are found in different lengths and pitch measurements.

For the best in custom timing belts, including custom-designed 3D printer timing belts, contact the team at JJC & Associates.


Our belting products are used for a variety of technologies. Timing belts from JJC have been used for security and surveillance equipment, semiconductor test handlers and thermal sub-systems for burn-in and system-level testsing of integrated circuits. Our belts are also used for turret-based test handlers and package inspection equipment.

JJC has partnered with manufacturers of floor polishing machines for joint and crack repair and high performance floor coating.


JJC offers precision components for scientific equipment, measuring instruments, computers and robotics. Supply standard and custom precision components used in a large variety of medical equipment including surgical devices.


Design your belt drive system using our Belt Length Calculator. This calculator computes belt lengths for various center distances.


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