Custom Work


JJC & Associates creates many products, but our custom products are what we are most known for by our clients. Our Gates Master Belt Sliter has over 40 years of experience creating custom parts for any occassion. Test drive components, surveillance security equipment, and robotics are a few industries we have served. We work with industrial companies, office companies and engineers that need individualized spcifications for their projects. What amazes our customeres is how we can create any size width belt and a pulley to match that belt from any of our materials.


Every project and application has unique attributes at times requiring a customized solution. JJC will work closely with engineers to understand your requirements.

We carry inventory in sleeves of timing belting in pitches MXL, XL, L, 2MR, 3MR, 5MR in Neopreme Fiberglass and Neopreme Kevlar also in Urethane Polyester and Urethane Kevlar which can cut lead times down. If we have it in stock, our normal shipping occurs in the next day.

**We can produce an almost infinite range of custom parts for our customers all manufactured to the closest tolerances.