Synchronous Timing Belts

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Maintenance of your timing belt is a constant battle. Rather than spend time worrying about the performance of your belt-driven equipment, a synchronous timing belt offers a vast array of benefits that make your life easier. JJC & Associates offers the most extensive range of synchronous timing belts, and offer valuable support for any application.

What is a Synchronous Timing Belt?

A synchronous timing belt differs from a chain or V-belt in that it features a toothed design that transmits power through positive driving pressure. A pulley is used to drive the movement of the belt, and the flexible teeth allow for high powered transmission. Synchronous timing belts may feature teeth on the inside, outside or both.

What Are the Benefits of Synchronous Timing Belts?

When compared to chain timing belts, synchronous timing belts offer many benefits. At JJC & Associates, we strive to provide you with the most extensive range of options for timing belts for any application. See why synchronous timing belts are the ideal choice for your application.

No Lubrication Required Given that synchronous timing belts use a pulley and teeth to deliver power, lubrication is not required in order to operate them. This means that maintenance of your timing belt is vastly reduced, offering an efficient and versatile system.

Higher Range of Operation For high torque operation of systems driven by a timing belt, a synchronous timing belt is the most optimal choice. As they use a positive driving pressure, there is a vast reduction in slippage as the system works.

Quieter Operation Belt-driven equipment is noisy, with a higher noise output the faster the belt operates. Synchronous timing belts operate at a much quieter level which make them an attractive choice for systems that require excessive speed.

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