Plastic Power Drive Components & Custom Timing Belt Pulleys

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Plastic Power Drive Components and Custom Pieces

JJC & Associates offers a full line of Plastic Power Drive Components. Virtually all materials, thermoset and thermoplastic are molded. Plastics decorating and machining are also offered to those customers desiring a completely finished product. Engineering and mold repairs are can be quickly prototyped if needed. Parts include custom bevel gears, custom drive belts, custom timing belts, custom sprockets and much more.

**We can produce an almost infinite range of custom drive products for our customers, all manufactured to the closest tolerances.

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Plastic Gears and Custom Plastic Gears

  • 20, 24, 32, and 48 pitch spurs
  • Custom gears to AGMA class 6-8+. Types such as:
    • Bevel
    • Helical
    • Worm
    • Spiral
  • And Combination Gears Including:
    • Spiral/Pulley
    • Sprocket/Gear
    • Sprocket/Pulley
    • Helical Pulley etc.
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Plastic Sprockets and Custom Plastic Sprockets

  • Sprockets in 1/4th pitch
  • A full range of custom and combination sprockets parts are available
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Plastic Timing Belt Pulleys and Custom Plastic Timing Belt Pulleys

  • Pulleys in 1/5 pitch and mini-pitch (0.0800-inch) L's +. H's
  • A full range of custom and combination pulleys are available
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